About Chison America and Providian Medical

Providian Medical is the official distributor of Chison Ultrasound machines in the United States.

In this partnership, Chison has become the fastest growing brand of ultrasound in the United States. As the official US distributor of Chison ultrasound machines for human use, Providian Medical proudly represents and distributes Chison ultrasound machines in the U.S.A.

Why Chison America for Your Next Ultrasound?

As one of the largest resellers of new and refurbished ultrasound equipment, Providian Medical sells new and used equipment from many brands: SonoScape, Mindray, GE, and others. Although we still represent some of these manufacturers, Chison has become the best-seller among the other brands.

The reason was simple. Chison ultrasounds combine price, performance, and reliability.

The SonoBook 9 marks Chison’s entrance into the high-end portable ultrasound machines. Its focus was to bring excellent cardiac imaging into a more affordable price range.

Since 2015, our partnership has become the most unique in the industry. We are in frequent, direct contact with Chison’s chief engineers and clinical specialists. This special relationship allows us to share our customer’s experiences and needs, along with our own evaluations, resulting in a product optimized for the physician’s use, built with the keen eye of specialists.

Every product from Chison has the hand of Providian Medical in it somewhere. Whether it’s the user experience, available features, connectivity, calculations packages, or a unique feature, our partnership has helped create some of the bestselling new ultrasound equipment on the market.

Who is Providian Medical?

At Providian Medical, we do our homework. We want to provide the best equipment to our customers at the best prices. We chose Chison ultrasounds because of three reasons:

  • Affordable prices
  • Clinical reliability
  • Superior performance

We are often approached by no fewer than 5 manufacturers per year. These manufacturers bring their ultrasounds and make their sales pitch as to why we should carry their brand.

We evaluate them all and offer our valued customers only the systems that provide the best price and performance. While some of these products are very good, no other ultrasound brand than Chison offers such a high value for the price.

For these reasons, Chison ultrasounds are our most recommended product for most customers. Our customers love the Chison brand. Their products are our best-sellers and we fully stand behind this product.

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Looking for Something Other Than a Chison Ultrasound?

There are many cases where a Chison ultrasound is the best fit for your clinical applications, but Chison is not the answer to every person’s ultrasound need. We understand that. There are occasions where people require specific technologies, features, or capabilities that are not yet offered by Chison.

Or maybe you prefer another brand. That’s why we also offer new and used equipment from:

  • GE
  • Philips
  • Mindray
  • Sonosite
  • Samsung
  • …And more

Is Chison Right for You?

Call us today to talk to one of our experts to find the best equipment for your needs. We offer many choices on ultrasound equipment, and Chison may be the right choice for you. Call today at 877-661-8224.