Chison ECO3 Vet

List Price: $6,000.00
Our Price: $6,000.00
FDA Compliant, Includes 3 year warranties
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The Chison ECO3 Vet ultrasound brings high-end B&W imaging to a wide range of veterinary applications. It’s also one of the few non-color portable ultrasounds to have Pulsed Wave Doppler, which makes it a unique ultrasound in its class and price range. The ECO3 Vet ultrasound is also ultra-compact, lightweight and durable enough for all of your ultrasound imaging needs.

Why the Chison ECO3 Vet Ultrasound for Your Vet Clinic

Engineered to provide high-resolution imaging, but light enough to go with you, the Chison ECO3 Vet ultrasound aims to quicken the imaging process without sacrificing image quality or diagnostic accuracy.

Some of the key features of the Chison ECO3 Vet ultrasound include:

  • PW (Pulsed Wave Doppler)
  • Full digital beam-former imaging technology
  • Harmonic imaging (THI)
  • Speckle reduction
  • Built-in lithium battery
  • Water-proof keyboard cover (optional)
  • i-image
  • SRA
  • Chroma
  • Trapezoid imaging
  • Compound imaging

For all of your veterinary imaging applications, the ECO3 vet uses 5 to 9 MHz linear rectal transducers for reproduction and two microconvex transducers for small and medium-sized animals.

Chison ECO3 Vet Ultrasound Applications

With the help of its wide viewing angle, multifunction buttons, two probe connectors, and so much more, the Chison ECO3 Vet ultrasound streamlines clinical workflows for the following applications:

  • Canine liver
  • Canine intestine
  • Canine kidney
  • Bovine gender
  • Bovine follicle
  • Canine pregnancy
  • And many others

Workflow Benefits With the ECO3 Vet Ultrasound

Achieve faster, more comfortable imaging by taking advantage of the ECO3 Vet ultrasound. Just some of the workflow features available include:

  • Multi-purpose user presets
  • Comprehensive measurement and report system
  • Built-in EasyView image archive system
  • Quick image storage/retrieve/transfer
  • One-button direct print
  • And more…

The Chison ECO3 Vet ultrasound also includes a 12-inch, rotatable LED monitor with a 30-degree tilting angle.

What Transducers Do I Need?

Improve your imaging capabilities and accuracy with the range of superior ultrasound transducers available for the Chison ECO3 Vet. Some of the different probes compatible with the ECO3 Vet include:

  • L7V-A linear rectal
  • MC5V-A micro-convex
  • L7M-A linear
  • C3-A convex
  • L7S-A linear
  • MC6-A micro-convex

Chison ECO3 Vet Ultrasound Warranty

As the official distributor of the Chison ECO3 Vet ultrasound in the United States, we can offer a low price for a new ECO3 Vet system along with an average warranty lasting up to three year. Call Chison America today for more information about a warranty for the ECO3 Vet.

Chison ECO3 Vet Ultrasound Review

In this price range, the ECO3 Vet is one of the easiest-to-use black and white portable ultrasounds. Couple it with the good image quality, variety of probes, pulsed wave Doppler and warranty, the ECO3 is very competitive in the market and should be considered among your top choices when purchasing a new black and white portable ultrasound machine.

Chison ECO3 Vet Ultrasound Features

ECO3 Vet Ultrasound Clinical Applications

  • Large animal imaging, including reproduction and tendon
  • Small animal imaging, including abdomen, small parts, and basic cardiology
  • Canine pregnancy
  • Bovine ovary
  • Bovine gender
  • Canine kidney
  • Canine intestine
  • Canine liver

Imaging Technology

  • Speckle Reduction Imaging
  • Tissue Harmonics
  • Compound imaging
  • Trapezoid imaging
  • Chroma
  • i-image
  • THI
  • SRA
  • 256-frame Cine Loop
  • Full beam-former technology

Display Modes

  • B
  • B/B
  • 4B
  • M
  • B/M

ECO3 Vet Ultrasound Features

  • 12-inch LED wide-angle display
  • Built-in Battery
  • 320GB Hard Drive (minimum)
  • DICOM 3 compatible
  • Linear probes up to 11MHz
  • VGA Video port
  • 3 USB connectors
  • Dual Probe Port