Chison ECO5 Vet

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FDA Compliant, Includes 3 year warranties
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The Chison ECO5 Vet ultrasound is an excellent, low-to-mid-range portable imaging system engineered for the widest range of common veterinary applications. From small dog and cat imaging to on-site bovine and equine imaging, the ECO5 Vet ultrasound provides high-resolution, clear, and diagnostically reliable imaging with the help of features such as speckle reduction imaging, tissue harmonics, and compound imaging.

Why the Chison ECO5 Vet Ultrasound for Your Vet Clinic?

Designed for veterinarians hoping to achieve high-end imaging without breaking the bank, the Chison ECO5 vet ultrasound quickens workflows without sacrificing its amazingly clear imaging capabilities.

Chison ECO5 Vet Ultrasound Applications

From its speckle reduction technology to its color Doppler imaging, the Chison ECO5 veterinary ultrasound offers high-resolution imaging for a wide range of common veterinary applications. Just some of the applications best suited for the Chison ECO5 vet include:

Find the ECO5 Vet veterinary ultrasound for a low price from Chison America

  • Large animal — reproduction imaging, tendon imaging
  • Small animal — Abdomen, small parts, basic cardiology

The Chison ECO5 Vet ultrasound also comes with a variety of imaging modes, allowing you to easily access your most common applications and imaging analyses. Some examples include:

  • Pregnancy, B-Mode
  • Cardiac, C-Mode
  • Cardiac, B-Mode
  • Liver, C-Mode
  • Reproduction, C-Mode

Workflow Benefits With the ECO5 Vet Ultrasound

The Chison ECO5 Vet ultrasound is lightweight and highly portable, giving you optimal vet ultrasound imaging no matter if you’re scanning at the office or imaging at the farm.

This veterinary ultrasound system also enables ergonomic, comfortable viewing with its rotatable, LED monitor (0 to 30 degrees), which is designed to reduce eye fatigue over long usage. Other workflow benefits include:

  • Homebase keyboard layout that places frequently used buttons nearer the trackball, enabling faster and more efficient usage.
  • Eco-friendly design that reduces radiation and requires low power consumption.
  • Anti-water keyboard for on-site conditions

Chison ECO5 Vet Ultrasound User Interface | Chison America Ultrasounds

What Transducers Do I Need?

  • MC3-A micro-convex
  • MC6-A micro-convex
  • L7M-A 8.0 MHz linear
  • MC5V-A micro-convex
  • L7V-A linear rectal
  • L7S-A linear

Chison ECO5 Vet Ultrasound Warranty

Because Chison America is the master, official distributor of Chison veterinary ultrasounds in the United States, we’re able to offer the lowest prices for Chison ultrasounds. Furthermore, by getting your next veterinary ultrasound from us, you can take advantage of a three-year warranty. For more information about warranties with the Chison ECO5 Vet ultrasound, call Chison America today.

Chison ECO5 Vet Ultrasound Review

There aren’t a lot of machines in this price range that feature color Doppler, reliability and solid imaging performance. The introduction of the ECO5 Vet brings to the market a reasonably priced color Doppler ultrasound machine with an extended warranty.

Chison ECO5 Vet Ultrasound Features

ECO5 Vet Ultrasound Clinical Applications

  • Large animal reproduction imaging
  • Large animal tendon imaging
  • Small animal abdomen
  • Small animal basic cardiology
  • Small animal small parts
  • Canine GS, CRL, HD, BD
  • Feline HD, BD
  • Equine GS
  • Bovine BPD, CRL, trunk diameter
  • Ovine BPD, CRL, trunk diameter

Find the Chison ECO5 Vet Ultrasound from Chison AmericaImaging Technology

  • Color Doppler
  • Compound imaging
  • Trapezoid imaging
  • Chroma
  • i-image
  • THI
  • SRA
  • 256-frame cine loop

Display Modes

  • B
  • B/B
  • 4B
  • M
  • B/M
  • CFM
  • PW

ECO5 Vet Ultrasound Features

  • Linear rectal reproductive transducer
  • 12-inch LED wide-angle display
  • Built-in Battery
  • 320GB Hard Drive (minimum)
  • DICOM 3 compatible
  • VGA Video port
  • 3 USB connectors
  • Dual Probe Port

ECO5 Vet Ultrasound Probes

  • MC3-A micro-convex
  • MC6-A micro-convex
  • L7M-A 8.0 MHz linear
  • MC5V-A micro-convex
  • L7V-A linear rectal
  • L7S-A linear