Chison SonoBook 9

List Price: $24,900.00
Our Price: $24,900.00
FDA Compliant, Includes 3 year warranties
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The Chison SonoBook 9 is quickly becoming the top go-to portable ultrasound machine in the mid-high range market. Introduced in 2017, the Chison SonoBook 9 had an immediate and significant impact on the market by introducing an advanced shared service system with a price below $25,000 as a new system. This price includes an extended warranty, which makes it, by far, the most affordable portable cardiovascular ultrasound machine available.

In addition to its industry-leading cardiovascular capabilities, the SonoBook 9 offers great performance in other markets, specifically:

  • OB/GYN
  • 4D imaging
  • MSK

One of our first sales went to a Major League Baseball team to use in its training facilities in Arizona. Its MSK outperformed GE in a side-by-side comparison. Even better, the Chison is less expensive with an equivalent warranty and configuration.

OB/GYNs are using the SonoBook 9 for their imaging needs, with particular interest for use in the 4D market. The SonoBook 9 is the best priced new 4D portable ultrasound systems in its range, providing great frame rates, Virtual HD Imaging (also known as HDLive), HDMI video output, and easy connectivity and export.

Key Benefits of the SonoBook 9 Ultrasound


Image Quality with the SonoBook 9 Ultrasound

Including optimal image quality and performance in 2D, Doppler, 4D and other modalities, the SonoBook 9 is the best in its price range for a shared-service or cardiovascular ultrasound machine. Other machines with similar quality cost at least $10,000 higher for an equivalent setup.

In side-by-side tests by our own experts and our customers in the field, the response has been that the SonoBook 9 is best-in-class. Next to its nearest competitor, the GE Logiq e, customers and experts agree that the SonoBook 9 outperforms the GE Logiq e in nearly every category. Independent evaluations by our customers return excellent feedback for the system’s user experience, quality, speed, and value.

Its premium shared service imaging for OB/GYN, MSK, Pain Management, Emergency Medicine, Radiology, and other modalities make the SonoBook 9 a great choice for all modalities whether you’re performing just one or all studies.

SonoBook 9 Portable Ultrasound Imaging Speed and Performance

In today’s busy environments and tightened schedules, speed has become a crucial factor. The SonoBook 9 is among the fastest machines on the market. Its solid-state hard drive (SSD) saves cineloop clips almost instantaneously (less than one second for a full clip). Competitors in this price range can take up to 20 seconds to save a clip of equivalent length. For cardiology practices scanning 8-10 patients per day with up to 40 clips per patient, the SonoBook 9 can save a significant amount of time and dramatically improve workflow efficiency.

The SSD drive also offers a number of other significant advantages, including:

  • Faster Boot time
  • Increased performance through better processing performance and read-write speeds
  • Less power consumption and longer battery life
  • Low heat output
  • Increased stability and less prone to failure
  • Silent operation

SonoBook 9 Ultrasound Versatility

Designed to compete with premium portable cardiovascular and shared service ultrasound machines, the SonoBook 9 finds itself in elite company. It features full cardiac measurements, as well as stress echo and Tissue Doppler. For other modalities, the SonoBook 9 quickly became our most popular mid-upper range portable ultrasounds in MSK/Ortho for its image quality, ease-of-use, and speed. The OB/GYN market is also adopting the SonoBook 9 for its image quality, price and 4D imaging with Virtual HD.

Stress Echo | Better Imaging at a Low Price With the Chison SonoBook 9 Ultrasound

Chison SonoBook 9 Ultrasound Image Quality

Our independent tests pair this among the better ultrasounds in the market. With ultrasounds in the same price range, the SonoBook 9 outperforms all new equipment. The SonoBook 9 performs most closely to premium portable ultrasound machines, which are at least $10,000 more expensive with warranty. Comparable systems are only available as refurbished systems (with a short warranty) in this price range. Simply put, the value of the SonoBook 9 cannot be ignored.

SonoBook 9 Ultrasound Features

For most users, the SonoBook 9 has features found on similar systems in the market, including Stress Echo, Elastography, AutoIMT, Panoramic, DICOM Structured Reporting, Export to PC format, Automatic Follicle Trace, Needle Visualization, and a high resolution 15” LED monitor.

High Resolution Imaging With the Chison SonoBook 9 | Chison America

Connectivity: The SonoBook 9 can connect to DICOM/PACS systems, featuring a simplified setup and Structured Reporting. It can be connected via Ethernet or an optional WiFi module. Images can also be exported to USB in DICOM or PC format.

Battery: In our tests, the SonoBook 9 operated up to 2 hours with general use, and about 60 minutes with regular, heavy use of more power-consuming features such as Color and PW/CW Doppler. The removable battery is easily accessible and can be swapped with an additional battery for extended use away from a power source.

Cart: An optional height-adjustable cart can be purchased with a triple probe connector, printer tray and socket, accessory box, and theft-proof lock.

Transducers: A full range of transducers is available for nearly every modality, including veterinary. High-frequency linear probes (up to 22 Mhz) and a dual-button programmable transducer are among the ground-breaking technologies introduced with the SonoBook 9.

Chison SonoBook 9 Ultrasound Transducers | Chison America

LED Technology: The high-resolution, 15-inch LED monitor is among the best available, offering high resolution at a wide viewing angle. The typical LCD monitor on portable ultrasounds has a “washed out” look at a 20-degree viewing angle or more.

Customization: Measurements, annotations, presets, programmable buttons, and other features can be customized to your user experience.

SonoBook 9 Imaging Features

  • Compound imaging
  • Speckle Reduction Imaging
  • Stress Echo
  • Elastography
  • IMT
  • Q-Image
  • X-Contrast
  • Automatic Image Optimization
  • Auto Measurements
  • Auto-trace follicle measurement
  • Fetal profile, 4D multi-slice
  • VirtualHD 4D obstetric imaging
  • Quad-Beam image processing beamformer

Workflow and Design

  • 15″ high resolution LED monitor
  • Durable Laptop design
  • Lightweight chassis under 12lbs with battery
  • Supports 27 types of ultrasound transducers
  • Intelligent patient data management
  • Internal Solid State Hard Drive
  • Prospective and Retrospective Saving
  • Auto-ambient adjustments
  • ECG
  • 3 built-in USB ports
  • Extended Cardiac Package: ECG Software, CW, Free Steering M, Color M, TDI
  • Custom calcs, settings, and presets